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The students participate in a variety of fine and visual arts enrichment elements. Preschool students receive integrated instruction in their classrooms. They also participate in a Christmas program, perform for Mother's Day, and have opportunities to sing in church. We believe it is important to encourage their confidence in the performance arts at a young age. In kindergarten through grade eight, students may enjoy art class featuring crafts, painting, and drawing. Along the way, students will experience instrumental and vocal music. These students perform for Grandparent's Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and opportunities in church. We host two large programs for Christmas and a spring musical.

We want our students to feel comfortable with their skills on the stage as well as strengthen their interests. Many of our students enjoy the opportunity to shine in a lead role. We encourage instrumental and vocal solos. We also teach students how to speak on stage and act in individual roles. Our ultimate goal is to teach to them to work as a group to share the Gospel.

We offer piano and violin lessons after school. Please contact the school office for more information.

"The spring musical is a highlight of the year. The students and staff work so hard to put together an amazing play. This is yet another one of the great benefits of The King's Academy. The musical is not just singing a couple of songs. This is an actual theater quality play and musical. Such a confidence booster for the kids and a great experience!" - Whitney Backsen, Second Grade Parent

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