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The King's Academy’s elementary serves students in kindergarten through fourth grade. One of the core educational beliefs of The King's Academy is that all students can learn and succeed in a loving environment where expectations are high. Teachers at The King's Academy understand that children are unique and do not all share the same learning style. Teachers take time to learn the unique strengths and weaknesses of every student and strive to provide a wide array of educational methods to implement instruction. The school strives to provide a consistently challenging curriculum to benefit all learners within the classroom setting. Each grade level works together to identify individual student needs and abilities, then develops strategies to address those needs effectively.


As a college-preparatory school, The King's Academy is dedicated to the continual pursuit of academic excellence. The scope and sequence of the elementary curriculum is based on national standards for the core academic areas, and the Missouri State Standards for the special areas including Music, Art, Physical Education, and Spanish and World Cultures. The upper elementary students also participate in school competitions in the areas of spelling, reading, social studies, and science.


The elementary has experienced record-setting growth in the last five years, and celebrated its move into a new campus facility in August 2015. The new facility doubled the number of classrooms and added features like teacher and volunteer work spaces and incorporated the latest in infrastructure design to maximize support and integration of environmental, computer, communication, and safety technologies.

Extracurricular Activities

We strive offer a well-rounded education experience that benefits the student's spiritual, academic, and physical growth. Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of clubs during and after school. These clubs include chess, student council, and STEAM. Athletics begin in fourth grade.


K-4 Religion: One in Christ

K-2 Reading & Writing: Superkids

K-2 Reading & Writing: Superkids

3-4 Reading & Writing: Standards-Based Resources

K-4 Math: Math in Focus

K-4 Social Studies: Houghton Mifflin

K-4 Science: Science Fusion

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