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Parents Assisting Lutheran Schools


The purpose of PALS is to support the Christian education of children at The King's Academy by fostering relationships between the school, families and the Church.

PALS (Parents Assisting Lutheran Schools) is our parent association group and we have many exciting opportunities for you to get involved! We organize events such as the Annual Gala, Camp Read -a- Lot, Class Parties, Beginning and End of Year Events, Teacher Appreciation Week, and so much more. Please join us during our monthly meetings and get involved.  It's a great way to build connections and stay involved with your child's school experience.  

PALS Meetings

September 6th @ 8am - Welcome Center

October 4th @ 4:30pm - Welcome Center

November 1st @ 8am - Welcome Center

December 6th @ 5:30pm - Welcome Center

January and February Weekly Gala Meetings @ 8am - Welcome Center

March 6th @ 8am - Welcome Center

April 3rd @ 8am - Welcome Center

May 1st @ 8am - Welcome Center

***meeting dates subject to change based on attendance***


We like to keep meetings fairly informal, with time for socialization. However, we do have lots of activities to discuss and many opportunities to get involved as well. There will be plenty to share. Also, bring your calendar. We'll talk about upcoming events and ask for volunteers to help out with various projects. We need help with upcoming playdates, fundraisers, and teacher appreciation activities to name a few. We really appreciate your time and look forward to building connections with you and your family!

Are you looking to sign up for the Parent Involvement Program? Click below!

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