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Christ the King and The King’s Academy are consulting with the Lutheran Church Extension Fund to conduct a Ministry Clarity Process intended to gather congregational, school and community ideas/input that will produce an updated 3-5 year ministry plan.

Ministry Clarity is our opportunity to review existing ministries, including The King’s Academy, prioritize and gather creative ideas for possible new and renewed ministries. There are six ministry clarity teams that are actively working on assignments to promote this process and plan:

  • Clarity

  • Ministry

  • Prayer

  • Campus Planning (Facilities)

  • Hospitality

  • Financial Planning


The key questions for the Ministry Clarity Process:

  • Who does God say we are for?

  • Who will drive this process? Our congregation and the entities we serve.


Essential Steps and Upcoming Congregational Key Events:

  • Creative Ideas Events:  Invite the congregation and school families to participate in one 2-hour session to share their ministry ideas.  Four (4) convenient time slots were originally offered. Two (2) of those are currently available--see the schedule below.

  • Town Hall Meetings:  Invite the Congregation to review the draft plan and provide feedback.

  • Two Week Period:  Review and Pray for Proposed Ministry Plan Final Adoption.

  • Final Plan Approval at Elders and Council Meetings:

  • Voter’s Meeting:  Plan Adoption, December 17, 2023


“Give us eyes to see where we might best serve You and open our hearts and minds to new and renewed ways of showing your LOVE!”   (Ministry Prayer Team)

*Upcoming Creative Ideas Events

September 14-September 22   

DATES                            TIMES        LOCATIONS

  1. September 14 (Thursday)    6-8 PM        Christ the King Gym

  2. September 22 (Friday)        2-4 PM        Christ the King Gym

Without You, There is no Plan!



Christ the King is a family of faith committed to caring for our community and changing hearts and lives with the Love of Jesus!

  1. What would you tell your family, a friend, or a visitor about Christ the King Church and The King’s Academy that would make them want to become a member?

  2. How can we best support the work of God’s Kingdom through our ministries at CTK?

    • What is the greatest spiritual need of members of CTK Church and The King’s Academy?

    • In your opinion, which existing ministries are worthy of greater priority than others?

    • Identify those ministries or initiatives you would like to see added or changed.

    • Please share your ideas for strengthening our current ministry initiatives.

  3. In order to be "caring for our community” what can CTK/TKA do to meet the greatest challenges of family, friends, and acquaintances?

  4. Facilities are meant to do one thing for congregations and schools, "facilitate ministry."

    • What would you consider the best attributes of our current facilities?

    • List the needs not currently met by our existing facilities.

    • Now, identify the primary facility need of CTK Church and The King’s Academy?

  5. What do you think Christ the King needs to do in order to achieve the goals of our Church and School?

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